Friday, August 5

Resting Quietly


Topher had his surgery today. He was such a trooper! There is a reason he refers to himself as 'SuperTopher"! He was in very good spirits all morning- playing and coloring in the waiting room. When it came time for him to go in to the operating room, he took the doctor's hand and walked off with a smile. They said that you would have thought he was going to a party.

He went to sleep with the mask, they inserted an IV and got down to business. The surgery was very routine and straight forward. So far, the doctor is very pleased. Topher came out of recovery nicely. His throat was sore but was quickly appeased with a popsicle. A good popsicle can placate a variety of troubles!

He has been sleeping all afternoon. He is hungry but nauseous from the anesthesia. He is not in pain but his eyes are a bit itchy and he is frustrated by the fact that we won't let him rub them. His eyes are a bit pink in the corners and his lids are a little puffy but other than that, there are no visible signs that he had surgery. No bandages or anything! It's very nice.

I was a huge bundle of nerves over the whole thing. I know they say it is minor, it is routine, that I had nothing to worry about but I can't help it. I am a mom and as a mom it is my job to worry about things others tell you not to worry about. I checked my watch constantly. I think Chris was ready to take it away from me! I tried to busy myself with my sock. I got a fair amount of knitting done and only made 1 mistake (that I can tell) I'll leave it. It's not too obvious and it will be a gentle reminder of how grateful I am for modern medicine.


Yarngirl said...

Yay Topher!!! What a trooper! Glad it's over and all is well!

Andrea said...

Just curious - can he see better yet? When will you know?

Emily said...

Thanks so much Chris!

Andrea, I'm not sure if he does or not. He goes in on Monday for a post-op to make sure he is healing well. I think we'll know in a couple of weeks when the recovery time is over how well it did.

He'll always need glasses though, even with the surgery.

Jamie said...

I am so glad to hear that Topher is doing well. My hubby had lasik for his eyes...he said the itching was the worse part.

As for the nerves on your is expected...all mom's worry even no matter what is happening, no matter what the child's age...just goes to show your a caring mom.

SO how is Topher now????