Thursday, August 25

McDonalds Playland


Charles' teacher from this past year (kindergarten) held a little reunion of sorts at our local McDonalds. The kids were all very excited to see one another again after a long Summer apart. The teacher was thrilled to see "her children" again. She bought them all Happy Meals and then they played in the Playland. What fun!

While we were there and the children were waiting for their food, I sat and pulled out another sock I am knitting. One of the little girls came up really close to me and asked if I was knitting. She was very curious about it, wanted to know what it was, if it was complicated and why the needles were so small. She decided she wanted me to teach her so she practically took the needles and the sock right out of my hands to try. I made her watch me a few times and then I let her give it a shot. She did a great job! She knit about 20 stitches (complaining that it was so complicated the entire time) before her food came and she gave it back to me. I told her that I would have to remember to carry some bigger needles with me for next time.

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Jamie said...

Actually that is just how my grandmother taught me...whenever interest it 2 mins or 2 hours. She always said knitting is something you do when its fun and walk away from when it looses its spark.