Monday, August 29

Secret Pal Surprise


It seems I was inadvertently assign a Secret Pal Angel. What a sweet angel she is too! (Check her out here.)

The envelope was covered in a map which excited me. I love maps! This one was a map of my very own area and as it turns out, also my angel's area too. She is from right across the Sound from me. I can practically wave at her! (well if the weather were clear and I had some good binoculars)

In the package was a bar of dark chocolate from France. Mmmm. This will be savored and enjoyed slowly.

There were also some personalized care instruction tags for me to use on my knitting. They have adorable little hedgehogs on them and they say "Handmade for you by Emily" with a spot to write in the wash instructions and the fiber content. I can't wait to knit up some little gifts so I can use them!

She wrote a lovely note on a beautiful handmade card. Again it had hedgehogs on it as well as a pink teapot. Very feminine and very me!

Thank you so much! I love the package and it really brightened my day!


luvs2knit said...

Em, Your SP angel did a good job! What a nice package you received.

Jamie said...

Lucky girl! Looks like your angel really got a clue as to what makes you tick :-)

dabblersupreme said...

i'm glad the package arrived, as i was beginning to worry. i felt a little guilty that i sent you chocolate after i read your weight watchers post (after i had already put the package in the post), but hey - dark chocolate is supposed to me good for you. in small doses, of course.

i enjoyed putting the little package together for you. good luck with the weight watchers!