Tuesday, August 30

Getting ready for school

School starts tomorrow so today was spent taking care of those pesky last minutes things. All three boys were looking a little shaggy around the ears (and down the backs of their necks) so off to the barber we went. This errand was met with mixed emotions. One was cheering. He loves to look neat and tidy (I just wish he would carry that over to his room!) One was complaining. He is more umm.. relaxed in his appearance. The third was confused. He didn't know which brother to emulate.

Three haircuts, three lollypops and three very handsome boys later, we were off to lunch. We decided to check out the newly opened Panera. What a great place! Lunch was wonderful and oh so relaxing. I nearly forgot that I was the mall!

Finally it was off to the office supply to pick up the rest of the school supplies. After seeing the lists that so many others had, I feel fortunate that ours was so short! For 3rd grade - a 1/2" binder, a single subject notebook, a folder and a box of tissues. Of course he insists he needs more so we will see after school actually starts. For 1st grade all that was needed was a folder. We also had to pick up some binders and page inserts so the boys can reorganize their baseball cards. I passed up all the cool looking pens, pencils, notebooks, post-its, etc etc etc. I'm like a kid in a candy store when I go to the office supply!

Now to pack those backpacks.

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Jamie said...

Sheridan starts school tomorrow too. She is so psyched! This is her first time to have a repeat teacher....our school does split classes for 2/3 and 4/5. I am thrilled too...great teacher means for a better year.