Thursday, August 4



The book is here! Go ahead, go look. Read the book description. Pay special attention to the "about the author" part. Yep! Chris Tarantino. That is MY Chris Tarantino!

We are very proud and very excited here On the Hill! It has been a long (and somewhat stressful) process but it is over and the book looks fantastic!

Buy the book, tell your friends to buy the book, tell your neighbors too! Oh heck, tell the strangers you pass on the street to buy the book. This book is going to "change the world of fashion photography!" (Plus I want the royalty checks! ha)

* I've just looked at the box that was delivered here of the book and it appears that the above cover is the "working cover". The final cover is quite different but it's still the same great book!


Yarngirl said...

Congratulations!!!! Holy Moly!!!! That is fantastic!!!!

andrea said...

I just stumbled onto your blog thorugh various links and was immediately attracted to the cover of the book. What's more interesting to me is that I will have to start taking my own pics for my business as I can't afford a photographer yet! I will definiely check out the book. Chris has quite an impressive client list! Congrats!