Thursday, November 1

Trick or Treat

The boys were so excited about Halloween yesterday. Especially Topher-- "Oooo i'm so excited! I can't even WAIT!" I think he loves that he gets to walk around the neighborhood talking to people.

I had spent my weekend alone sewing costumes. Only two though. Topher insisted that he had to have a store bought costume this year. Topher ended up with a 'Dragon Ninja" costume which was a very happy compromise. He had asked to be Spiderman but I have a no mask rule. He was thrilled and spent much of the afternoon perfecting his Ninja moves.


Chaz always comes up with some sort of a clever, sometimes off the wall, costume idea. Last year he was a tornado. This year he was a Mad Scientist complete with "electrified hair" and blue prints for his secret invention rolled up in his pocket. I sacrificed a pair of sunglasses to help complete the look. I made his lab coat using a bathrobe pattern and substituting snaps for the ties and adding some extra pockets.


Edmund wanted something scary. We decided on a bit of a cross between the Grim Reaper and his idea of a Dementor from Harry Potter. I made the cape long so it dragged on the ground which was a bit of a bother in all the excitement (his friend kept stepping on it) but made for a great effect. It really billowed out behind him at times giving the illusion that he was almost floating just above the ground. The cape will get a lot of use, I'm sure. The boys have decided it would be perfect for Darth Sidious.


We went around the neighborhood with one of neighbors which was nice. It gave us a chance to chat and get to know each other a little more while walking with the boys. It was especially nice not to have to bundle up under or over our costumes! (I wore a t-shirt!). We filled our bags, came home, sorted candy, took baths and the two youngest of us were in bed all by 8:30. Perfect!

The boys

I hope your night was just as perfect.

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