Sunday, November 4

Fall Swap - Received

Fall Swap - Received

My Fall Swap package arrived this weekend. There were 80+ people signed up for this swap and partners were assigned randomly. I just happened to get matched up with someone who lives in the next town over from me! I wish I had paid closer attention in statistics class so I could figure the odds on that one! (we didn't already know each other so it didn't matter)

Robin sent a very lovely book, The Seasonal Home by Kristin Perers. This went right on the coffee table - I'll be flipping through it a lot, I'm sure! She also sent an acorn ornament (I love acorns!), a little lavender sachet, pressed leaves and flowers, a real acorn (it went right to the nature bowl!) and beads, ribbons and pom-poms along with instructions to make a funky necklace. Thank you Robin!

My package will go out tomorrow so I'll post a picture at the end of the week.

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