Saturday, November 3

Baseball Wrap Up Part 2

Edmund and Chris with Trophy

Edmund has his end-of-season baseball party last night. This one was held at a small casual family style restaurant. Once again, the boys had a good time.

In addition to handing out the trophies to the team, the team gave trophies to the coaches (which included Chris). The coaches "trophy" was a ball signed by the entire team on a stand that looked like a bronzed baseball glove. It was a really nice gesture and Chris was caught completely by surprise.

Chaz and Team

Chaz's team didn't have an official end-of-season party. The coach was going out of town so he handed out the trophies last week after a late game. That was fine with us. While we are a family that really loves our baseball, this season was a tough one and we were all happy to see it come to an end. We were on the verge of some major sports burn-out.

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