Tuesday, November 13

Self Portrait Challenge - What I Wear #2

SPC - Red Shoes
SPC - Red
SPC - Red Shoes

I wear RED!

I love the color red and I wear it often.  My toes are always painted and it's always red.  (I can't remember painting them any other color.)  The next best thing to red toes ... red shoes!  I have to remind myself at times that a girl does need other colors but I always go back to the RED.  I can't help it.  I'm drawn to them.

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Jamie said...

Girl I just knew we were kindred spirits. My all time favorite color is red as well :-)

Everyone knows it...so much so that my daughter was able to pick me out of the crowd of bikers at a rally this summer. She pointed to the one red shirt in the bunch and said that has to be my mom...she always wears red. LOL

Anonymous said...

Nice quote in the bottom right.

You collect red shoes like I collect doc martens. (and I even have a pair of red doc martens - so there is cross over :-)

I was thinking about getting a Christmas French manicure - with white base and red tips.

Rock on!

Colorsonmymind said...

what agreat collection of red!