Monday, November 5

Kids in the Kitchen: Chaz Cooks

My boys love to help in the kitchen. They get excited about making their own sloppy PB&J's, they love the independence of pouring their milk and cereal, but most of all, they love to help make dinner.

This Saturday was Chaz's day in the kitchen. He was in charge of dinner from start to finish. He sat with his cookbooks and poured over them searching for just the right recipes. He picked out his meal and did a great job creating a nice balance and made sure all his dishes went well together.

Of the three, he is the one that enjoys being in the kitchen the most. He watches the cooking shows and takes notes. He saves his money for cookbooks. He's thinking of become a chef.

Chaz Cooks: lists

Our Menu
Garlic and Herb Angel Hair
Sesame Broccoli
Pumpkin Squares

Chaz Cooks: shopping

Next was making his grocery list. He wrote everything down that he was going to need and then he and I looked through the panty and crossed off those things we already had. He and I took the rest of the list to the market. He was so proud of himself! He had his own cart and his own grocery bag. Very grown up and very independent. He carefully looked over the items he was selecting and made sure he picked exactly the one he wanted. It was not a quick trip to the store but it was a very good one.

Chaz Cooks: eggs

Chaz was so happy to do somethings that he hadn't before. He cracked the eggs all on his own and didn't get any bit of shell in the mix.

Chaz Cooks: saute

He sauteed the garlic all on his own. Neither he nor the garlic were burned.

Chaz Cooks: the meal

The meal was wonderful! Made even more special because of all that went in to it. Chaz was pleased with himself. I'm so proud of him!

It was a simple meal but it was a feast!


Amy said...

Looks scrumptious! You have a fabulous chef there--lucky you :)

gkgirl said...

this is awesome!
how old is chaz
if you don't mind my asking?
i have 2 kids of my own
and am thinking that this
may be something to try.

thanks for the inspiration.

Jamie said...

You have just made any future Daughter-in-law very happy....LOL
I once told my MIL that the best gift she ever gave me was a cookbook with her recipes because I always heard Clay say "my mom didn't do it like that." LOL

This way your son can just do it like you and his "wife" can reap the benefits.

His food looked awesome!

Emily said...

Thanks so much, ladies!

gkgirl, go for it! Chaz is 8 but really they are not too young to start helping. Younger ones can help do some simple steps for a meal that you have planned and as they get older, the amount they help can increase.