Tuesday, November 6

Self Portrait Challenge - What I Wear #1


One of my favorite things to wear is a simple cotton shirt. I always roll the sleeves three times, making them about 3/4's length and perfect for staying out of the way while I go about my day. Sometimes I wear them alone. Sometimes I wear them with a little cami underneath. Sometimes they are solid. Sometimes a print. Sometimes even a stretch cotton. One thing is the same though, they always make me feel comfortable.

This one is probably my favorite. It's soft and broken in. It always comes out of the laundry ready for another wearing - no ironing needed! This is my "go-to" shirt, for sure.

I just realized that I've had this one for almost 20 years! It's still in perfect condition, too. (I still have the wide-wale corduroy skirt that I bought to go with the shirt. It's also in great condition. I just need to whittle my waist a bit so I can actually breathe while wearing it!)

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jenica said...

i really love the way the light comes in behind you. what a perfect shirt!

Emily said...

Thank you!