Friday, September 30

Weekly Weigh In #6

Today's weigh in was a good one! I'm on a roll and I feel so motivated! Being accountable to others really helps. I don't want to come here and say that I did crappy so I stay on track.

Last Saturday night we had our monthly dinner night with our friends. We all bring a part of the meal. There is always lots of eating, lots of drinking and lots of fun. I decided not to leave my choices for the night up to chance. I was responsible for the dessert and I found a wonderful recipe for an Upside Down Plum Torte from Weight Watchers. (3 points per generous serving!) I also decided to bring an appetizer so I would have something that I knew would be "diet" friendly. I brought a huge vegetable tray with a low fat/low cal dip. (There are never enough veggies at these dinners anyway) I found out ahead of time that the main dish would be pasta so I figured out points and serving sizes before we went. I went with a plan.

In the past, I would have had the bread, the heavy appetizers, lots of cocktails, a large serving of pasta and some sort of a rich gooey and very fattening dessert. I would have had too much to eat, too much to drink and felt terrible for it the next day.

This time I ate exactly what I wanted (and what I planned for). I was full but not stuffed. I had a great time and felt good about my choices. I even had 2 glasses of wine and a shot of amaretto in my coffee - and that was plenty, really.

So at today's weigh in, I was down another 2.2 pounds! I am just over half way to my goal. I was hoping to be back at my goal weight by my birthday in December but at the rate I am going, I could be there well before that! Of course we are also entering in to the most difficult months of the year to lose weight - October, November, December or (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Christmas)

I think need to make a plan.


Claudia said...

WTG great job, my goals for this week are to make better food choices.

luvs2knit said...

Emily, you are doing really well. Give me a E...M...I...L...Y....Go, Emily.