Thursday, September 29

International Mail

In the last few days I've gone to mailbox (twice!) to find little packages from far away places. I love surprises in the mail and I love looking at those international postmarks. (Makes for some fun Geography lessons for the boys too)

The first package came from Canada. Not too far away but international, none the less.


My dear, sweet friend Jamie sent a little "congratulations on your new job" gift. She made some lovely stitch markers and a row counter for me.


One has a little charm with a moon and a star. Jamie has a quote on her blog that says"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars." Another has a charm that says "Follow your Dreams". There is also a little round stitch marker that will be perfect for socks. Then there is the row counter/stitch marker. I usually use a scrap of paper that ends up getting lost. Now I don't have to keep going back to count my rows. She's very clever.

Thank you Jamie!

The second package came all the way from Israel. Edmund found that very fascinating.


My Sockpal-2-za socks came. They were made for me by Orli. These were her first pair of socks. She did a wonderful job! I would never have guessed that they are her first. The socks are very soft and comfortable. They are a lovely shade of rose with a hint of sheen to them. I must find out what yarn she used.


Orli also sent along two pairs of store bought socks. She was worried about her own not living up to expectations. No need to worry, though. All three pairs will get plenty of wear. (the Pooh socks will be a hit with the children at work, too!)

Thank you so much Orli!


luvs2knit said...

Em...I love the stitch marker especially the one with the counter in it. Jamie is soooo creative -- I would have never thought of that.

How's the new job???

Orlop =) said...

My pleasure Emily. Thank you for stopping by my blog.
My email btw is:
We must "chat" one day about raising boys...right now I just have the one little boy...but he can sure raise hell when he feels like it =D have a wonderful weekend.