Thursday, September 15

Cub Scouts


September is here, and with it comes the start of school and a new year of Cub Scouts! This year I have 2 boys in Scouts. Edmund is entering his Bear (3rd) year and Charles is entering his Tiger (1st) year. What fun!

Cub-Scouts-Emily-EdmundTonight was our first Pack meeting of the year. The boys were thrilled to see some of their old friends from their old school. Edmund was awarded a few badges that he earned over the Summer. Charles was excited and a little nervous about the whole evening.

And me? I was busy, that's for sure. I had a few people to talk to and some awards to hand out. I'm entering my 3rd year as a Cub Scout Leader for Edmund's Den. I've also offered to assist with Charles' Den - as needed.

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Little Red Head Nikki said...

Em! Hello! Sorry I've been out of touch for so long. I've been thinking about you (and the FLC crew). I now have a Tiger Cub Scout too and I thought I should check in with you, since it's old hat for you. :)

I'll pop by your blog more often and comment. I love the picture of Charles in the Tiger uniform. It gives me hope that my Cameron might look that well dressed soon, lol.

"Chat" with you again soon!

- Nikki (I've got a name here now, maybe I'll blog or post pictures or something. Stay tuned, lol)