Monday, September 5

Meeting Neighbors

We've been in this house for a few months now (6 I think) and we've only met the neighbors on either side of us in passing.

Yesterday we were relaxing and hanging out. Very uneventful. The kids went out to ride their bikes and when Charles, Topher and I came in, Edmund stayed out a little longer. After a little bit, I went out to check on him. I saw him 3 houses sitting on the side walk with his bike tipped over. He was talking to a woman.

There were several cars parked on the street so I thought maybe he fell and hit a car. He fell but was just checking to make sure his bike was ok. The woman (Mary) came out to see if he was ok. She walked towards me when she saw me coming.

She and her husband were having a little party in their backyard and she invited us to come join them.

We had such a nice time! Mary has a son the same age as Topher. Topher is thrilled to have a new friend! Another neighbor was there who has 3 kids. The youngest (a son) is Charles' age and was in his preschool class. They've been sitting together on the bus since we moved here. The middle (a daughter) is in Edmund's class this year and the oldest is only 2 years older and loves to play baseball as much as Edmund does. (The rest of the kids that were there were teens but they were nieces and nephews of Mary's and don't live in town - so no potential babysitters. bummer)

I'm glad Edmund fell of his bike!! (He wasn't hurt. Not even a scratch)


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luvs2knit said...

Em, That's wonderful that you are meeting your neighbors. I live in a rural area so I know 2 of our neighbors out in nowhereville.

Good job on your weigh loss. I need to bite and write as I'm tracking it all in my head.

Claudia said...

It's so good to have great neighbors, I am experiencing this now, since we moved into this house 2yrs ago. On of them has become my best friend.