Monday, September 12

Secret Pal 5


Secret Pal 5 is wrapping up and with that means a final gift from my spoiler and the reveal.

I was very excited to see a package stuffed in to my mailbox today. Rain was my spoiler and she sent some lovely things! The package was decidedly girly which is wonderful since I am over run with boys here!

She sent 3 skeins of Noro Kureyon in color 102. I've never seen this yarn in person but I've admired it on the 'net. The colors are amazing and I can't wait to come up with a special project for it! (the suggestion box is open, by the way)

She also sent 3 different packages of knitting note cards and some fun little recipe cards (which for some reason slid behind the note cards and therefor didn't make it in to the picture.) I can't wait to write some notes!

I'll be writing those notes with my new pen! That flower in the front is actually a pen. It's so pretty and the boys are sure not to steal it from me!

There is also a bottle of body lotion and bath salts in a rose scent. My favorite! I can't wait for a nice relaxing soak in the tub....Ahhh....

Finally, there are a lovely little pair of earrings. I put them on as soon as I finished taking pictures. They look a little like Rose quartz but I am not sure. I'm not good at identifying rocks. Whatever they are, I love them.

My Secret Pal was very sweet. She wrote a note saying that she really wanted to find me some Koigu (something that I have been dying to try) but she was unable to find any locally. Thanks for thought! I'm so excited to try the Noro, though!

Thank you, Rain! I can't wait to check out your blog.

And who have I been spoiling? Well with the craziness of my summer, I decided to send one big package at the end instead of several smaller ones through out. It doesn't look like it is quite in her hands yet so that reveal will have to wait.


Jamie said...

I see you have a new picture on your blog...once again a very different look...LOL....I like this one a lot.
As for being spoilt...isn't it great!...LOL...

Claudia said...

love the boys workshop pictures. I need to see if our home depot has that.
Also love the secret pal gift, I signed up for SP6 and can't wait to spoil someone and be spoiled in return.