Friday, September 16

Weekly Weigh In #4

After last week's disappointing weigh in, I buckled down and got serious. It paid off. This week's weigh in showed nearly a 2 pound loss! (1.8 to be exact) Needless to say, I was very pleased.

This week's meeting was about dealing with cravings and urges. It was a good meeting and a very apropos. I don't have a lot of cravings lately but I do get those urges. You know those urges - you go to the movies and you "need" a popcorn, you go for coffee and you "just have to have" a bit of cake too, you are out doing errands and you think the drive thru would be a quick solution to lunch. Oh those little urges - they can be so dangerous!

My weak moments lately are usually when I am at the market. The smells from the bakery reel me right in. The bread, the cakes, the pastries! Not good. Not good at all. One of the stores that I frequent also has a Dunkin Donuts in the bakery section. Not only do I have the breads and cakes calling to me, but I also have the fresh coffee and donuts too. Ugh!

Do I need it? No. Am I particularly hungry? Nope. Do I really want it? You bet!

Today our leader gave us a little mantra to repeat in our heads at those times when we are feeling the pull of the urges.

How will I feel if I eat it?
How will I feel if I don't eat it?
How will I look if I eat it?
How will I look if I don't eat it?

Simple? Yes - but effective. It is a little like the mantra I tell my boys to repeat when they get frustrated - "Stop, Breathe and Think". When those goodies call to me, I need to stop, breathe and think - and then walk away.

This week's goal - resist the urges! (and do the Ab exercises in today's hand out) What about you? How do you battle the cravings and urges?

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