Sunday, March 29



The boys snuck in to the kitchen this morning to make breakfast. There were lots of whispers, a little banging around, and a few moments of panic when Chris or I came too close to the kitchen. Some time later, we were each served a tray with a lovely breakfast of cinnamon rolls, yogurt, strawberries and juice in a wine glass (because it's fancy!)

The cinnamon rolls came from the Betty Crocker Cookbook for Boys and Girls. My dad had this cookbook when he was young and then my sister and I used his copy while we were growing up. My parents sent a copy to Charles for his birthday this year and I was so excited to see it! The cinnamon rolls were a favorite of my dad's, and I have such fond memories of him making them on weekends. Now my boys will carry on the tradition.


sarah said...

This is so sweet. I love kids with confidence in the kitchen!

mary smith said...

Aw, what sweet boys you have! Those cinnamon buns look delicious! They did a great job!

vintagechica said...


Check the Magnifying Glass for a nice little bit of news.