Wednesday, March 4

Sick Day

Sick Day

Topher is home sick again today. Yesterday I kept him home - he was up all night coughing, sneezing and very stuffy. Today is pretty much the same. The flu has really been going around so I feel very blessed that we are just battling an icky cold.

Our days have been filled with things like:

-chicken noodle soup at 9:30am - eaten from the thermos because it's better that way
-many glasses of pulpy orange juice
-Curious George (the movie) - 3 times!
-drawing pictures of George
-Lara Croft
-several chapters of "Little House in the Big Woods"
-a floor littered with used tissues
-watching for the school bus to bring his brothers home (3 hours too early!)
-singing lots of made up songs
-playing secret agent and taking top secret pictures with my camera (him)
-wiping fingerprints off the camera lens when he forgets to be careful (me)
-finding Waldo
-building elaborate castles
-pretending to take a quick nap

Oh it's been fun having him home!

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