Wednesday, March 18

At the Library

At the library

I think I've mention before how much we all enjoy visiting the library. It's no surprise, then, that the first thing on the Spring Break wish list was to go to the library. The boys (+ a friend) and I headed over on Monday. We spent a very leisurely morning reading. Then we came home and spent the rest of the afternoon reading some more!

We came home with...
1 dvd (Mr. Bean)
5 magazines (Kids Discover)
and 22 books

Some of the books we checked out:
~The Inside-Outside Book of Libraries
~Who's Haunting the White House?
~several Far Side books
~a few drawing books including some by Ed Emberley that I'm surprised we didn't already own!
~ a couple by Mark Bittman

We also came home with quite a wish list for our next visit!

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