Tuesday, December 4

A Night Out

Holiday Charming Handbag

Tonight Chris and I get to have a very rare night out. A night with other adults and no children. I am really looking forward to it!

A night like this calls for a new handbag. I just love this red corduroy and have had it my stash for some time now. I bought it either last year or two years ago with a skirt in mind. Unfortunately, in my excitement with the fabric, I neglected to pay attention to the direction of the nap. It wouldn't do for a skirt. (Can't have corduroy that runs horizontal!) It's perfect for this project, however.

This bag has very quickly become a favorite of mine so I went back to that pattern for this new bag. For the interfacing, I used some scraps of some bottom weight that I had left from the lab coat I made for Halloween. It gives the bag a little more structure than the flannel (although I really like the flannel, too). I also added a split pocket inside like I did the first time. It's very handy.

Holiday Charming Handbag

I'm sure there will be plenty more of these charming handbags in my future. I must admit, I'm really surprised at how much I love this pattern. It makes a very sweet little bag but the bag has no closure which is something I would normally shy away from. Of course it means I can't stuff my bag full of unnecessary items which is a good thing!


Jamie said...

Love the bag Em!
You are so creative lately.

Emily said...

Thanks so much, Jamie!

Kelly said...

I absolutely LOVE this bag. It's fun and festive without going overboard. Awesome job!

Kelly said...

and I forgot to say that I really love your dress. The red shoes and handbag really make it a lovely outfit.