Thursday, December 6

Celebrating the Season :: St. Nicholas Day

St Nicholas Day

This morning the boys woke up to find some little treats tucked in to their shoes! Today is St. Nikolaus Day.

Saint Nicholas is the Patron Saint of children. He also was a man of great character. He did many good deeds and helped those in need. Legend says that he secretly tossed some gold coins in the window of a poor man. The man could not provide a dowery for his three daughters which meant they would not be married and instead sold in to slavery. These coins landed in their shoes or stockings that were drying by the fire.

Now, Saint Nicholas comes on the eve of his feast day bringing little gifts and trinkets to good boys and girls. Those that are not good, however, receive switches from Knecht Ruprecht (St. Nicholas' dark traveling companion) Luckily we were well behaved and didn't get the switches. Thank goodness - it was close at times!

Topher, used to think that the switches were exactly that, light switches! He thought that Ruprecht was going to bring outlet covers and switch plates from Home Depot! He's older and wiser now, though.

St. Nicholas brought each boy a special gingerbread cookie (apparently these were a favorite of his), some gold (chocolate) coins, an apple and a special little pack of holiday tissues. (it's cold and flu season after all) He also left a new book for the family on the kitchen table as well as a few more gold coins. This year's book is Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin.

St Nicholas Craft
Saint Nicholas craft found here.

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