Monday, December 3

New to My Shelves


A few new books have recently been added to my cookbook shelf. (shelves, really, I have 4!) Not all the new books are actually new and not all are new to me but they are new additions to my collection.

I found The Vegetarian Epicure (1972 edition) by Anna Thomas for less than a dollar. My mother has this book and I've always enjoyed it. (Our favorite lasagna recipe comes from this book) I've been checking this one out from my library and then renewing it until they politely ask that I please bring it back.

Another used book that I picked up was The New Laurel's kitchen. This is one that I was not really familiar with but I'd heard so many good things about. It, too, was about a dollar. It had to come home with me.

I also bought Cooking Free by Carol Fenster. This one I bought new. Chris has several food allergies and intolerances and hasn't been feeling up to par lately. We are on an exploratory mission to see what we can do to get him feeling better.

Another one that I bought so I wouldn't have to keep checking it out from the library is The New Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen. There are so many recipes in this book that I really like. I also like the handwritten look of the recipes. It's like being given a cherished family recipe collection.

There are also plenty of cookbooks that are on my wish list. I love to sit and just read them over and over. (and the more pictures the better!) And since I really love to cook, they also get plenty of use, too.

Tell me about some of your cookbooks.

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