Sunday, December 2

Celebrating the Season :: Advent

Advent week 1

The candles are out and the wreath is on the table - we have entered the season of Advent. This is a favorite part of the holiday season for me. December can often get a little chaotic and hurried and the simple act of slowing down on Sundays is such a welcome respite.

The first candle is traditionally lit by the youngest family member. (Those that are too young have the privilege of blowing them out) This year, Topher is old enough to light the candle. He's feeling very proud and oh so grown up!

That first candle symbolizes Hope and we say a little prayer as we light the candle.

Dear God, We place all our trust and hope in you. We pray that you will send your son Jesus Christ into our lives, to guide and protect us through difficult times. Amen

(Our Advent song can be found here. I'll try to find a sound clip of the tune.)

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