Monday, December 24

Celebrating the Season :: Advent (Week 4)

Advent Week 4

Week 4: Love ... The fourth Sunday of Advent is the one just before Christmas. All four candles are lit. The prayers acknowledge hope, peace and joy, and then add one of love.

Our Prayer:

"God of love, You so loved the world that you sent Jesus to be with us. Help us to love others and to welcome Jesus into our lives."

We were not home last night to light our candle so we lit it tonight. Last night we had a very special dinner with two of my Aunts and my Grandmother - perfect for this Sunday of love. I did not seen my Aunts or Grandmother too much while I was growing up so it has been wonderful getting reconnected now that we live closer. This is our first Christmas away from "home" and it is so nice that we were still able to celebrate with family.

Wishing you all Hope, Peace, Joy and Love this Christmas and all year through.

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