Wednesday, September 19

A Charming Little Bag

Charming Handbag

The weather here in Texas may not say "Fall" but the calendar does and that has got me thinking about corduroy. It's much too hot for corduroy clothing but a new bag is just the thing. This was made using the Charming Handbag pattern from Amy Karol's book, Bend-the-Rules Sewing. (I LOVE this book!)

Charming handbag detail

I enlarged the pattern by 150% to make it just a bit bigger. (Not a lot bigger but enough) I also added a divided pocket inside. I made it to fit my cell phone but my phone kind up pulls the lining down in a funny way. It's still a handy little pocket though. I made the straps the length specified and when the bag cinches up, it fits perfectly over my shoulder. (Oh and the velvet ribbon is not as bright as it appears in the photos)

I really like this bag and I am sure I'll be making more!

Charming Handbag

(action shot -- at baseball practice)


Ali said...

That bag's on my 'to make' list - looks lovely in corduroy. I may try that....

Lia said...

I love the look of the bag this big! I just finished one and realized the size isn't very practical for me.
(I just found your blog by googling the 'charming handbag' =] )

Jamie said...

OMG!!! I absolutely love this bag. Its fantastic.