Friday, September 14

Back to School Swap - Recieving

My creation

My Back to School Swap package arrived today and I think, in my excitement, I may have left all the other mail scattered across the front lawn! (I went back and checked, I only dropped a sales ad)

This package came from Sarah via Royal Mail (which just added to my excitement!) The package was wrapped in lovely green tissue - then again in pink tissue. Once I got to the tote, all the goodies were also wrapped in tissue. I tried to be dignified while unwrapping but I'm afraid I just tore in to it all! As I told Sarah, I quite literally gasped aloud as I opened each gift. I could barely barely pull myself together enough to snap some photos.

Back to School Swap

Sarah did a wonderful job creating a package with the very little bit of guidance I provided. She sent buttons and ribbons and button-y alphabet stickers which will be so much fun to put to use.

Back to School Swap

She made a wonderful tote that I can't wait to use. (Perhaps on my next library trip) Just look at that button and ribbon detail! She also made a matching book cover for a blank book that will be perfect for sketching and quick watercolor studies.

Back to School Swap

I'm sorry to go on and on but, really, I am just beyond thrilled! Sarah really put so much thought and care in to this package and she made me feel so special. Look at those fabulous knitting needles! They look like ribbon candy! I need to find a project to start with those.

Thank you, Sarah. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had such a great time creating my swap package (pictures to come). Getting something so wonderful in return was an added bonus.

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sarah said...

I'm so glad you liked it! I still haven't been able to identify my swap partner- it's driving me crazy not to be able to say thank you!