Tuesday, September 18

The Boys in the 'Hood


The boys are thrilled that we now live in a neighborhood (as opposed to just a house on a street). We have sidewalks here and bike paths and a playground around the corner. There are also a lot of other kids in the neighborhood and very little traffic. (another welcome change for us!).

Most afternoons my bell rings and someone is looking for Edmund. These boys travel in a pack and I love seeing them out there. They are always up to something. Sometimes it's a touch football game across the front yards or maybe a game of pick up basketball in a driveway. It might be baseball in the cul-de-sac or just bikes and scooters around the neighborhood.

It doesn't really matter what they are doing, though. They are being boys and they are having fun!


lera said...

We lived in a nice neighborhood before our children were old enough to enjoy it. Now most of our neighbors are childless (or have adult children) or elderly. I am thankful my boys have each other to play with. although I miss the friends aspect for them.

Claudia said...

I am so glad you love life in TX. I think that is one of the main reasons, I've stayed here for the last 12yrs. You all definetly need come and visit us in Austin sometimes.

I will come and check on you blog more often. You sound so much happier.

Much love