Sunday, February 6

Wants, Wishes and Needs

IMG_2849 Since I don't have a nice little ball winder and I wanted a center pull ball, I improvised. I found an old wooden post and created a nostepinde. It worked really well, but boy did it take FOREVER! I'm not sure how often I'll have the patience for that - especially when I have a lot of skeins to wind (like for my Ribby!) I'll need to think about finding a (real) ball winder!

And while we are talking about wishes and wants, I've created a wishlist at Amazon. Actually, I apparently already had one but it was in need of a little updating. Now I just need to find a cute little wish list button for the side of my blog.

2216_200x150low20 I've also been seeing all these wonderful handpainted yarns on the 'net. I have to have some! I love that each one is so unique and the colors are so rich!

Wants, wishes and needs - they are all the same aren't they?!

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