Friday, February 11

Feel Good Friday

IMG_2944 IMG_2942
(obligatory crappy shots in front of the mirror)

I put on my favorite jeans this morning (fresh from the dryer, thank you!) and they are too big! I have to wear a belt, not for fashion, but to keep my pants from slipping. They are also looking a bit sad and baggy in the backside. Not such a sexy look - but it sure does feel good!

I'll step on the scales on Sunday and see how I am doing but for now it doesn't matter - MY JEANS DON'T FIT!!

Today is going to be a good day!


Kitten said...

Scales are deceptive. I'm convinced mine is out to ruin my sense of self esteem. You're better off going by how you feel. You look gorgeous, though!

Claudia said...

you look fantastic. Great Job.