Wednesday, February 9

Laundry Woes

Our new home came with a (very old) washer and dryer. I have my own - they are maybe 3 years old, very efficient and I love them! Unfortunately the dryer that was here is hard wired in so we need to have an electrician come out and take care of that. In the mean time I am using what was here. I have so much laundry! I need to wash everything we own to get rid of the oil smell that just sort of seeped into it all. I was going to take a picture but seeing all those baskets down there kind of made me sad.

The problem I am having, though, is the current dryer is not a very good one. It takes 2-3 HOURS to dry a load of laundry! I've been doing a lot of running around, too so I am not here to keep turing the dryer back on. I'll never get caught up at this point. I may have to hit a laundry-mat. I wonder if I can find one that has drop off services??

It could be worse. I could have to do it all by hand!

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