Thursday, February 17

Blog Housekeeping

It was brought to my attention that comments could not be left unless the poster was a registered user (?) That has been fixed. Now anyone and everyone that wants to tell me how great I am, can! Just kidding, but really anyone that wants to comment will now be able.

You may also notice that over there on the side where is says "Reading" nothing is listed. My book has just been sitting on the night table - unopened. I had to take it off my blog because it was just staring at me, mocking me. I really love to read. I just haven't been lately. I WILL rectify that very soon. I promise. After all, I need to keep my mind active!

I have also joined the Secret Pal 4 Web Ring. I have been having lots of fun hitting the "next" button and the "random" button and seeing all the other blogs. There are a lot of creative ladies out there!

Speaking of SP4, I neglected to mention that I got a lovely e-card from mine this week. (I did email her to thank her so I am not completely ungracious!) We've exchanged several emails and I'm really enjoying getting to know her. She seems like such a sweet person. I am happily anticipating my first package which she has told me is in the mail. (Such a tease!) Of course that means I am stalking the postman again! And my package to my SP recipient has been mailed off to an undisclosed location. I hope she likes it!

The last bit of blog upkeep will have wait. The picture at the top of my home is no longer my home. The picture stays for now though. I don't have a nice picture to replace it with and I need to decide what to do about my blog name. I'm not really living on a hill anymore. I'm open to suggestions on the matter.

Now I need to attend to the regular housekeeping. I have a sink full of dishes calling to me!

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