Wednesday, February 2

Books and Boxes

1584792914 I had a store credit for a local book store that I needed to use. SO yesterday while doing errands I stopped to shop for me. They didn't have a tremendous selection of knitting books but I did find one that looked good. There are a lot of fun projects in this book as well as other nifty tidbits (like a list of movies with knitting scenes, a recipe for a dreamy cup of hot chocolate,and tips on decorating with yarn to name a few) I have several projects already planned from this book.

In other news, we are definately moving. We actually started moving on Sunday. I'm spending this week getting packed and we have a mover (provided my the landlord, thank you!) coming to move the big stuff on Friday. I'm so overwhelmed! I guess that is to be expected though. We are staying in town but the boys will have to switch schools. They are not thrilled but they'll be fine. February vacation is in a couple of weeks so they'll make the change then.

Back to the boxes......

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Claudia said...

that Ribby is coming along nicely.
Love the color.