Saturday, February 19

Happiness is.....

a surprise from my Secret Pal!

It came in yesterday's mail. I was on my way out and there it was - all the way from Australia! A little ray of sunshine on a rather grey day! Such a pretty card! And look what was inside!


Stitch Markers!

My pal made them just for me! They are so pretty! I've already put them to use. The smaller ones with the blue and red beads went right on to Ribby. The larger ones with the green beads are going to be put to use on my poncho that I set aside last month.

I keep making Chris look at them. Their charm is lost on him.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

The charm isn't lost on me Em.
They are gorgeous. I keep hearing about these Secret Pals....I think I might have to learn more about them.