Tuesday, July 29

A Trip to the Doctor

28/365 :: At the Doctor

In addition to a new hobby, Edmund brought something else home from camp. It started as a sore throat which turned in to congestion and then a cough. At first it seemed like allergies or possibly a Summer cold (apparently it was cold at night and hot hot hot during the day at camp)

However, when the cough just wouldn't stop and he was constantly coughing "stuff" up, we knew it was time to visit the doctor. He insisted he was getting better but over the weekend he developed a very odd rash over his body.

Yesterday morning we were off to the doctor. It turns out he has Strep and an upper respiratory infection and it was this infection moving though his system that caused the (harmless) rash.

Luckily I had been giving him the right OTC medication which made me feel so much better and now he is also on antibiotics. 24 hours later and I can already see an improvement.

We laid low last week and it looks like we will be laying low again this week.

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