Friday, July 11


At the pool

It was hot and the sun was bright so we did the only logical thing - we cooled off at the pool!

Today we noticed:

~ The boys are becoming quite the little fish.
~ Topher is now able to touch the bottom of the lazy river and is almost tall enough for the slide.
~ The blue tube slide is much better than the green open slide, according to the boys. You go so much faster!
~ Bringing a cooler of cold drinks is preferable but if you are desperate and have some cash, there is a snack bar fully stocked with things I try to avoid (but kids love!)
~ Middle school girls wear tiny bathing suits and spend a lot of time giggling in the locker room.
~ Many moms don't watch their small children relying too heavily on the lifeguards.
~ The pool deck gets very hot!
~ Life is so much better after a few hours in the pool!

Pool Day

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