Monday, July 21

Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market

We got to the farmer's market a little late this week. We really need to make sure we get there pretty early but sometimes it's hard to get going. Certain things just go so fast, though.

This week we bought:

- leeks
- yellow squash
- sweet banana peppers,
- Japanese eggplant
- fresh pinto beans
- fresh purple hull peas
- grapes
- coconut lime soap (Topher picked this)

I'm really excited about the pinto beans. I love pinto beans and I've never had fresh before. They look so different than the dried beans - so much prettier! Topher is excited about the eggplant. He and I are the only ones that like it so I'll have to make something special with it. If you've got any recipe suggestions (for anything we bought), I'd love to hear them!

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Jamie said...

Good choice on the soap Topher.
I have a coconut lime hand lotion I just LOVE!!!!