Tuesday, July 8

Garbage Day

Garbage Day

We have garbage pick up once a week. This week, for our family of 5, we had only one 13 gallon bag in our bin! If it weren't so hot, I might have skipped this week's pickup. There has been less and less in our bin each week. Even the little recycling bin was barely half full this week.

I find it very curious that so many of my neighbors have such full bins each week. One neighbor is often putting some of her garbage over flow into other bins because hers is too full! There are others who have 2 or even 3 garbage bins. These are all families of less than 5.

We have made big efforts to reduce our consumption and also our waste. We are reusing what we can and recycling what we can't reuse. We compost our kitchen scraps, buy in bulk to eliminate packaging, and try to use very few disposable items.

On garbage day, I am reminded that these simple things can make a difference.

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