Thursday, January 5

A New Year!

I love this time of year! The New Year brings us a blank slate and a chance to make a fresh start. It's a time of looking forward while carefully reflecting on the past.

December was such a busy month here. Lists were written but not completed, activities were planned but then cancelled, pictures were taken but never mailed. Sickness swept through the house and then decided to settle in for an extended visit. However, in the spirit of the New Year, we all seem to be on the mend. (thank goodness!)

And now to look forward...

Each year I sit with pencil and paper and make a list of my goals for the coming year. Not really resolutions but more of broad goals towards being a better person. Each month I make some more specific goals for the month that will help me work towards my bigger goals. (higher rate of success this way!)

Emily’s Goals for 2006

~ Maintain my goal weight
I’ve worked very hard to get to where I am. I’ve lost a total of 62 pounds since Topher was born and I’d like to keep it off. I am going to plan healthy well balanced menus each week. I am going to keep healthy snacks on hand and minimize the amount of “junk food” in the house. I am going to make sure I drink plenty of water and take a daily vitamin and calcium supplement. I am going to think about what I am eating before I eat it.

~ Tone up, shape up and strengthen my body
I’m going to exercise a minimum of 15 minutes each day. I’ll walk on my treadmill at least 4 times a week and the other 3 days will vary between things like weights, stretch bands, Yoga, etc. I’ll make sure I have a selection of magazines or audio books on hand so I don’t get bored.

~ Exercise my mind
I will turn off the TV and engage my mind more. There are many “classics” that I would like to read and I plan to take advantage of the library more often. I’d also like to work on puzzles more - word puzzles, logic puzzles, etc.

~ Explore my creativity
I will set up my own “studio” space so I have a place for ongoing projects. I will surround myself with things I find inspirational and I will not doubt my own talents.

~ Reconnect with the Church
Once you miss going to church, it seems so natural to continue to miss going. I want to get back to church and get the boys back in to Sunday School. They enjoy it and I think it is important for them and for me. I am going to plan on Saturday to get to church on Sunday.

~ Build my routines
I want to continue to establish my routines and habits. I will make sure that my routines are up to date and always on hand. I will have a habit builder each month to help maintain focus and I will continue to work on a list of realistic household jobs for the boys.

~ Focus on fun
Each week I will make sure we take the time to have some family fun. Whether it is a family game night, a trip to a museum or a picnic in the park, we will promote “family”

~ Nuture my marriage
I will make sure we have regular “Date Nights” - both at home and away from home with a babysitter.

~ Strengthen friendships
I will set aside time each week to reconnect with old freinds and far away friends. I will work on establishing better friendships locally by putting myself out there more instead of withdrawing.


luvs2knit said...

Emily...glad to see you back blogging!! I hope that you had a nice holiday. Wow, what wonderful achievable goals you have for 2006!!

Mike said...

Hooray for goals, try sudoko for puzzles, its a great math mind game.
(this is your nephew mike)

Jamie said...

Great Goals Em!
Looking forward to hearing how you do through out the year.