Tuesday, December 13

Self Portrait Tuesday - Reflective Surface #2


Standing at the kitchen sink.

The dishes have piled up and the counters are in a disarray. Christmas preparations have taken top priority lately and the mundane household duties have been pushed to the back burner - way way to the back.

Tonight, though, I reclaim my kitchen and restore order. The coffee is brewing and the whipped cream is standing by. Once the kids are tucked in to bed, I'll push up my sleeves and get to work.

The house is cold so I'm staying bundled. Head to toe wool - a warm hat, a comfy sweater and thick socks. The dish water will keep my hands warm.

Even the most beautiful Christmas decorations shine a little less brightly when surrounded by chaos.

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la vie en rose said...

ah, yes, i can relate. hope you get some of the chaos in order. great self pic!