Tuesday, December 6

Self Portrait Tuesday - Reflective Surface #1


We are a family of 5 (4 of them males and 3 of those males are under the age of 9!) sharing 1 small bathroom. You will often find wet towels and dirty clothes on the floor, toothpaste smudge across the counter and in the sink, and soap bubbles and water spots on the mirror. The door very rarely closes.

More often than not, I have company in the bathroom. If I do get a chance to be alone with the door closed, someone is usually banging at the door or shouting to me through the crack underneath.

We have one small towel bar. It's just big enough for a bath towel and a facecloth. We have very little counter space and it's often cluttered. The only storage space is is the small cabinet under the sink.

The window is big and lets in a lot of light. It looks out on to our back yard and is high enough that we just have lace curtains so as not to block the light. The mirror is also big. Very big. It reflects the light and makes the bathroom feel more open.

The boys told me that they hope that Santa will bring us another bathroom for Christmas. I think that might be a little hard on the reindeer.


Elspeth said...

We only have one bathroom too for 5 of us. I grew up with two girls and one bathroom and it was fine for me, but now my mom says it was easier when we added a 1/2 bath when I was in 9th grade. I guess they sacrificed bathroom time just like my DH and I do to our boys now. Maybe Santa will bring you one after all if the boys are selfless enough to ask for that over toys!

Yarngirl said...

Oh, I've been in your shoes - or should I say your wet towels on the floor situation. We are finally adding on a bedroom suite with our own bathroom - after nearly 16 years of sharing a bathroom with 3 males - this is going to be a little slice of heaven. I wish I could send one to you - that would be hard on UPS, too!!

kath red said...

another bathroom would be great - i would love that too.

great spt, have been enjoying yours immensely.

thank you for visiting and taking time to comment at my blog. have a great christmas