Friday, January 20

"Kiss of the Dragon"

Every time Chris and I watch Kiss of the Dragon I can't stop thinking about the shrimp chips. Jet Li makes them and Bridget Fonda eats them. They just fascinate me! Little crispy puffs of pink, blue and yellow.

This really isn't unusual for me. When ever we travel, I love to visit the local grocery store and pick up a few "souvenirs" - foods that aren't sold in our area. Food is such an important part of culture and I just love learning about other cultures!

Anyway, once again I am obsessed with the shrimp chips. Chris, apparently mentioned it to one of his co-workers and she so very kindly put together a little "care package" for me! (She is so sweet! While we have never met in person, I have talk to her on the phone and I've heard so much about her from Chris. I am just sure that she and I could be friends where we to have the opportunity!)


She sent two kinds of shrimp chips one baked and one fried. It was so hard for me not polish off the entire bag once I opened it! They are exactly what I had imagined. There is also a bag of seaweed crackers which have always been a favorite of mine. She also included 3 packages of Pocky - 2 chocolate and 1 strawberry. This is something I've not heard of before but once we opened them, I had to hide them or the boys would have devoured them all! The strawberry is the hands down favorite. I like them both - the chocolate ones are not overly sweet so, to me, that makes them even better.

Thanks so much, Coco! I really appreciate it and you really made my day week!

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Anonymous said...

Hello. Thank you for you ad. I would like to know how I can get some of those chips. I think the same thing everytime I see the Kiss of the Dragon movie. My email address is I would love some of those shrimp chips.