Monday, January 23

4 Things

I've been tagged for a meme by Jamie. It's my first! I've seen quite a few memes around the blogs and some I'm not too keen on answering. This one, however, looks interesting so here goes. (answers are in no particular order)

Four Jobs You’ve Had In Your Life

1. Preschool teacher (current)
2. Administrative assistant
3. Florist
4. Hardware store sales person

Four Movies You Could Watch Over And Over

1. The Thomas Crown Affair
2. Anything with Jackie Chan
3. The Santa Clause
4. True Lies (love the scene with Jamie Lee Curtis trying to dance seductively!)

Four Places You’ve Lived
WOW! Where do I begin?? I've moved 40-some odd times in my 36 years!

1. Enterprise, Alabama
2. Illisheim, Germany
3. Portsmouth, New Hampshire
4. Milford, Connecticut (current)

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch

2. Monk
3. CSI(all 3)
4. Two and a Half Men

Four Places You’ve Been On Vacation

1. Virginia Beach, Virginia
2. Salzburg, Austria
3. The Poconos, Pennsylvania
4. Cape Cod, Massachusettes

Four Blogs You Visit Daily
There are so many!

1. Red Current
2. Angry Chicken
3. Jamie's Journey
4. The Blue Blog

Four Of Your Favourite Foods
Oh man, only 4?! I love food!

1. Popcorn
2. Moroccan Tomato Lentil Soup
3. Cheese Enchiladas
4. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes

Four Places You’d Rather Be

1. On vacation - anywhere! (no 'to-do' lists hanging over my head)
2. Having lunch with my Mom
3. In a cabin in the mountains. (This winter has been so rainy. I'd love to be some place with a little snow)
4. In the cozy chair in front of the fireplace at the coffee house with a warm mocha and a hot book. (and a whole lot of quiet)

Four Albums You Can’t Live Without

1. Big and Rich - Horse of a Different Color
2. Barry Manilow - Ultimate Manilow
3. The Soundtrack to Chicago
4. My Smooth Jazz mix

Four Vehicles You’ve Owned
Can you believe that I have only owned 2 cars!?

1. 1990 Silver Hyundai Excel
2. 1998 Black Toyota Sienna (current)


luvs2knit said...

The Thomas Crowne affair is a great movie. I forgot about that one.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Jamie said...

I just love the Chicago Soundtrack!
I think I might just have to find it and put it on later...LOL

Later my friend