Friday, January 28

Knitting in Public

Our little home on the hill was struck by a disaster today. We awoke to the wretched stench of fuel oil permeating the house. I just figured that I would have to call to have the furnace cleaned. However, when I went down to the basement to do some of that ever present laundry, I discovered that a dirty furnace was not exactly my problem. We had an oil leak. Not quite the Exxon Valdez but equally as devastating (at least in my little world). They estimated about 60 gallons.

Luckily for us, all the appropriate people moved quickly on this and the basement has been cleaned up. Personal property damage is fairly minimal - mostly stuff that was going to be tossed in the next dump run anyway. And the smell is (oh so slowly) starting to dissipate. I think the biggest plus is that we don't actually own the house. There is talk of it costing in the tens of thousands to repair. Not my money though!

We decided that the best thing for us to do after all of this was to get away from the house for a little bit. We went out to dinner. I tossed a small carry along knitting project in to my bag anticipating having to wait for a table. We were going to dinner right about 6 on a Friday night after all. We only had about a 5 minute wait for the table but as we waited for our food, I pulled out my knitting. The tension started to release and I relaxed. I noticed a few people watching me but I knit right along. It was good.

And in case you were wondering, the food was good, the boys were well behaved and I didn't give in to the stress and over eat.

Tomorrow we meet with the landlord to discuss the possibility of moving to a new house. Oh joy!

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