Tuesday, January 18

I couldn't resist


100g, 200 yards of Aran weight Cashmere from Italy! It called to me. I had to have it. I wish you could feel how absolutely heavenly this yarn feels then you would know why it came home with me today.

It is such a beautiful mauve color. It reminds me of black raspeberry ice cream. The black raspberry ice cream that I used to get while staying at my grandparents' house at the beach. I can almost taste it now.

Anyway......back to reality and single digit temperatures!

I am going to use this yummy wool for some wrist warmers. I saw a pair with a little bit of a lace pattern. I called the store to order them and since they have a minimum shipping amount, I told the woman on the phone to find me a nice mitten pattern to add to the order. She asked if she should call me back and I told her no, just surprise me! It will be like getting a little gift with my order. I can't wait.


Rachel said...

Welcome to blogging, Emily! I read in the knittingparents messages that you started one, so I thought I'd drop by and say hi! That cashmere yarn is gorgeous. What store did you find it at? I always read about other people finding great yarn on sale, but I rarely have much luck doing so. Anyway, have fun knitting those wrist warmers with that yarn!

mrspilkington said...

hi emily, welcome to blogging! great start. that yarn is beautiful, enjoy!