Wednesday, January 19


My favorite cleaning fairy came to visit today! The FlyLady flapped her little wings right on up here to the frozen New England Coast. I worked hard but I feel good and it so refreshing to carry those bags to the curb!

That is three 30 gallon lawn bags,
1 13 gallon kitchen bag,
5 cardboard boxes
and about 50 pounds of JUNK!

The playroom in the basement thanks me! I hope the Flylady sticks around for awhile - I need to get the closets cleaned.

In addition to working hard, I also worked out. I did a 30 min S Factor workout followed by a 30 min yoga workout. It was a good workout but a bit of a challenge. Downward Dog makes a very tempting cave to a 4 year old.

I see a long hot bubble bath in my future!

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