Wednesday, January 26

Hat's Off!

Or perhaps I should say "Hat's On!"

This little vision of Chris in our blizzard this past weekend prompted me to set aside my Ribby for some thing a little more practical.

I discovered a little yarn shop just a few minutes from Topher's preschool and since I had a few hours alone, I decided to explore. I was overwhelmed by all of the colors and textures but the ladies were so nice and very helpful. I can't wait to go back.

I picked up some Lamb's Pride Bulky in Blue Boy, Deep Charcoal, and Grey Heather. I really like the way this yarn feels and it was so nice to work with last night. I also picked up some size 10 1/2 (US) needles. They are Sparrow Casein. WOW. These needles are great! First of all, they look like tortoise shell which I just love. Second (and more importantly) they are so smooth! They feel like glass. I just loved knitting with them. I HAVE to go back for more!

I churned out this hat for Chris last night. Just in time too as we are getting almost another foot of snow today. He says it is really warm and so comfortable.
Look how happy he is!
Isn't he cute?

I think I need to go get some Lamb's Pride in a "girly" color and make a hat for me!

And now back to Ribby...

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