Wednesday, November 16

Thank You, Secret Pal!


I've been a little remiss in publicly acknowledging the wonderful packages that my Secret Pal has sent. I've emailed her privately but I really need to show off the goodies. They are just too fabulous!

I just received my second package and I barely got a picture taken before I put the goodies to use! I opened the box and was instantly thrilled to see the red tissue paper wrapping. (I love red, you know!) She sent a very clever bag that she bought on etsy (and the proceeds went to Katrina Relief). Believe it or not, the bag is made entirely of duct tape! WOW! (Love the little roses!) I've been using it and I've gotten quite a few compliments on it.

In the bag, I found a luscious ball of Filatura Di Crosa 501. I've never seen this yarn before but I love it. The color is just perfect, too. I've been rubbing the yarn on my cheek - it's so soft. I think it is going to become a lace scarf. A variation on Branching Out perhaps.

Next was a kit to make a felted rose pin. I've never felted anything before (on purpose, anyway). I wasted no time getting started on this project. One episode of E-Ring later and it was ready for the washer. Unfortunately I don't have the best machine for felting so it took a very looooong time but the end results were worth it! I'll be putting the pieces together today.

Also included were three little Ghiradelli chocolate squares. These squares are just the perfect size. Each square was a different flavor and I refuse to pick a favorite. I love them all in different ways.

The last little treat was a little medallion of soap. It's green apple cinnamon and it smells good enough to eat. I had to be careful of it because it almost looks like a bit of candy and I think the kids were a bit tempted!

My first package from my Secret Pal was equally as wonderful. It came last month in the midst of the big game of Chutes and Ladders.

Click the teaser pictures to biggify!

SP6-Package-1-books First out the box were four knitting magazines that I've never seen before. I've been having lots of fun looking through them - planning projects, reading articles, learning new things. I've already bookmarked a few patterns and I'm sure that the more I look at them, the more I'll mark!

SP6-Package-1-yarn Next out of the box were several skeins of Shachenmayr Nomotta Micro. This is another yarn I've never seen (nor heard of) before.) The color is absolutely amazing! Such a rich gorgeous red. The yarn feels heavenly. I want to do something really special with it. I'm just not sure what that is yet.

SP6-Package-1-treats Also in the package were several little treats. There were some homemade stitch markers (which for some reason I was unable to get a good picture of). They are made with some lovely rectangular amber colored beads. I've put the to use already. She included a bottle of French Lavender body milk and bath. Mmm so relaxing! Then there were two Ghiradelli chocolate squares. (yumm yumm yumm!) and a nice little note of a cute card with shoes.

Thanks so much, Secret Pal!! Your packages are absolutely perfect and I really appreciate the effort you are making. I feel like you know me. I just can't wait to know who YOU are!

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Anonymous said...

Well, our hostess did say we were matched specifically ;) What can I say, I love red too, so you're extra easy to shop for!