Tuesday, November 15

Self Portrait Tuesday - Identity #2



I live the life of the (mostly) Happy Housewife. I used to dream of being June Cleaver. In college (and sometimes even now) I was referred to as Donna Reed.

I make weekly dinner menus. I cook from scratch. I bake for my family, for school and for church. I sew. I knit. I needlepoint. (and so much more)

On occasion, I even clean!

I enjoy being domestic. I get a feeling of accomplishment when I make something with my own hands. It's so satisfying to see the kitchen sink shine or the bathroom sparkle.

After 12 years of marriage (8 of them as a mom) I am finally starting to figure it all out. I'm understanding the line that must be maintained to keep a healthy balance. Eventually it will all click.

In the meantime the laundry is piling up but Edmund has new curtains in his room and the cookies are ready to come out of the oven.

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