Tuesday, June 21

Young Authors Night


Charles' kindergarden class has spent the last several weeks writing and illustrating their own books. The children worked really hard on these books and the teacher had them laminated and bound for them. Last night, they invited the parents to come to a special book reading at the school.

Each child got to read his (or her) book to the audience. A parent came up to help hold the microphone and show off the wonderful illustrations. Charles' book is called "The Cat Who Comes to My House". He wrote a detailed story about a cat that lives in our neighborhood. She likes to come and visit the boys and have her head scratched. They like to feed her cheese which I'm sure keeps her coming back!

All the children did such a great job on their books AND reading them out loud to so many people!

In addition to the book reading, the children did a Flag Day presentation. They recited some poems and sang several songs about the flag. They were also presented with a special award for their writing from the teacher and the principal.

We got off to a bit of a rocky start this school year but it turned out to be a great one for Charles!

(*Charles and his teacher, Miss Shaw)

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Yarngirl said...

You must be very proud! I see you're reading Tess - it's the only book besides Lord of the flies that I actually remember from high school!!